Planting out beans and tomatoes

I sowed runner beans undercover last weekend and this weekend they were ready to plant out. This year I made a line of supports for both the runner and the french beans. The french beans are some days behind the runners but will go out in the garden by next weekend. Once again the new (expensive) seed modules made it easy to pop them out of there and into a hole made by the dibber straight into a layer of compost, all very No Dig. I also did the same with the tomato plants. This means both beds are now mostly filled out although do look quite bare until the plants have grown a bit more.

All week we have been picked radish sown as markers for the line of carrots. We will now start on the actual real radish line, by next weekend I’ll have more radish to plant out.

No more squirrel damage to the peas, but a checker in the evening found one of the new runner beans dug up. I hope now they have dug one up and found nothing, they will leave them alone.

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