Beans plant out, strawberries picked

I cut the grass paths between plots, and I built a bit more of the decking edging that I started a number of years ago. It’s nearly finished now, using the old decking from the garden to surround the plot and help keep the weeds and grass from the paths get onto the plot. It makes things look neat, it’s taken/taking me many years to work my way round, I’m nearly there now.

My main reason for the visit was to plant out the borlloti beans that were at home still in the seed module trays. I’m still pleased with these trays, they cost a lot but the results have been really good. So easy to pop them out and they create a good root system. It has been noticeable with the peas, the ones I sowed in the module trays are doing really well while the ones I sowed in just a tray of compost are a long way behind.

Planting out the beans took no time at all, just made a hole with the dibber and popped them in. I put up some small canes for them to grow up. Normally I leave them just to grow on their own but with all things beans they like to climb up something and so this time I have given them something.

I did a lot of tidying up on the plot, hoeing and weeding, some watering. It’s going to rain for most of next week so I just used the watering can to keep the squash plants watered.

The last thing I did before leaving was to pick the strawberries. Having won the “mice versus me” strawberry war, I was faced with millions of red strawberries waiting to be picked. I did this while also tidying up the bed, pulling of dead/dying leaves. I was able to pick more on this visit (nearly 1kg) than the whole of the last couple of years.

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