Monthly Harvest June 24

June 2024

June turned into the hottest month of the year and the hottest June since 2021 in the garden. It only lasted a couple of weeks. The average temperature was 17.1c and the lowest recorded was 9.6c.

After a bit of rain everything kicked back into life and we had plenty to harvest. Mostly it was strawberries and broad beans at the plot, cherries, peas and blackcurrants from the garden. It’s a fruiting year for the cherry tree and there too many to pick at the moment.

The first lot of radish have all been eaten and we are onto the second lot. Normally the second don’t too well as it’s too hot and dry, but although we have had super hot days, mostly it has been cool ( the average temperature of 17.1c shows that) so they have not gone to seed. I planted them under the tomato plants so they they would grow while the tomatoes were small and then be shaded when the tomato plants caught up.

Peas have done well but would had done so much better had the squirrels not destroyed a whole load of them. All the carrots in the garden are ready for pulling, which we are doing, and it has been a good year. Those on the plot are a little bit behind but are also doing well.

2024 B/F £38.07

spring onions – 175g£1.68
raspberry – 32g£0.43
radish – 750g£5.00
strawberries- 1.7kg£13.18
broad beans – 1.41kg£6.35
carrots – 120g£0.08
blackcurrant – 705g£9.40
peas – 400g£1.48
cherries – 1.309kg£16.36
rhubarb – 400g£3.75
RUNNING 2024 TOTAL £95.78

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