Weekly Harvest 15th Mar 22

15th March 2022

It was good to have purple sprouting on my last visit, I was hoping for a bit more this time. Out of the three plants, one of them was full of heads ready to be cut off, quite a lot it turned out. I pulled up the sprout plants which allowed me to picked off the last lot of smaller sprouts, I didn’t think there would be many but there was a good handful.

While the leeks have suffered I always thought that come March they would spring back into life again, and they have. None of them will be massive, but a lot of them will be decent size. I made a start by pulling a couple of them.

2022 B/F -£5.42

sprouts – 117g£0.26
leeks – 263g£0.58
purple sprouting – 224g£2.65

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