Suddenly Summer

Lots of watering other the last week leaving the plot with a mixture of over wintered plants coming to their end of harvests and new plants starting to put on growth. Most of the squash plants have taken and getting larger with courgettes not far off.

It’s been nearly 100 days since we planted the potatoes and they are showing signs of dying back and being ready to dig some of them up, which we will start this weekend. The onions will follow a bit after that.

We have been picking currants, not a great deal from the bushes on the plot, they seem to not have as many these years than they had in the past, whereas the bush still temporarily planted in the garden as loads. The strawberries have been very good this year but have finished now on the plot, mostly because many of the plants have dried up and look a bit dead. They will come back when the weather gets a bit wetter and for next year I need to replant them a bit deeper.

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