Cutting down the Hop

An annual job to cut down the hop bush. At this time of the year the garden is always very wet and cold, yet to see any direct sunlight. With the chance/promise of snow tomorrow and rain later in the day, I decided to work on the hop bush and next door’s buddlea that overhangs.

I didn’t cut down the hop much last year and it didn’t grow as far as it did the year before when I chopped it right down to the ground. I want to get it down to the ground this year but it has tangled itself up with the honeysuckle bush somewhat and so I did it as much as I could. You can tell how much has gone by the amount of green fence it has now left uncovered. I was able to see the plant pot it is planted in, although it is now cracked and broken and the hop probably made it into the ground a couple of years ago when it suddenly went bonkers!

Hopefully this year it will make it’s way back over to the house along the whole side fence.

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