Parsnips from the garden

It was cold but it was very sunny, which seemed like a good time to do bits in the garden. Mainly this was to mow the grass before it got way too long, but I thought I should be using the new hoe. I tidied up the bed, pulling off dead and unwanted leaves from the parsnips. I dug up another, long and dead straight, parsnip and a load of beetroot. The beetroots are not the biggest as it was all a bit overcrowded during the year. The parsnips were the problem, they grow too well and smothered the beetroot. All the winter onions are growing but are still too small to see in the picture.

I hoed and levelled off the bed. Last year’s composted manure has sunk down a lot and so as parsnips get pulled out I’ll start to top up with this year’s manure. To keep the cats off, I’ve put some more netting over. Not the prettiest and so I’m thinking up ideas for next year.

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