Squash plants in the garden

The potatoes are still growing and they are taking up way too much space at home. I’ve tied them back to give the leeks, peas and beetroot on one side and the squash plants on the other a bit of a chance to get some sunlight. We have been picking peas, I ended up uncovering them as they seem covered in snails. I’m hoping the birds will pick off the snails and leave the peas alone, they were covered as I thought they were pecking at the peas. Maybe they were, but the snails were doing more damage.

The squash plants, those that can get some daylight, are doubling in size each hour it seems. I’m training them all to trail off of the bed and onto the grass, which was always the plan. There are plenty of flowers on them, hopefully some of the female ones will get pollinated. Even the plants under the shadow of the potatoes had small buds, and as they trail away from the shadows they should be ok. An interesting time to see how they all turn out, first year with so many squash (infact first year ever really).

Tomato plants have a bit more room since I pulled up the winter onions, just a small handful that were left over from the plot. They are all undercover drying off, normally they would be outside in the sun but it’s only been the last couple of days we have had sun. All of the tomato plants either have flowers, or small tomatoes, or a bit of both. They are mostly Tumbling Toms with one unknown left over plant from the plot.

The runner beans have reached the top of their wigwam and seem to have started to grow along the washing line.

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