Bringing soil back to life in the garden

Overwintering in the garden does not work well, the lack of light and the constant wetness…. I’ve talked about that lots already. Without any work done on it the soil is all compacted and hard to work with, normally I would hoe the whole bed and mix compost in with it before I plant anything for the year. Being full of onions, this was not an option this year. Now the sun is hitting the beds, and it was quite a nice day today, I decided to tidy it all up, around the growing onions. We still have a lot of coir compost and so I added this in between the rows and mixed it in.

There were a couple of bear areas with the onion bed, small patches where they didn’t survive over winter. I filled these holes with spinach plants. I also sowed small groups of radish in between the rows.

In the other bed, I sowed a row of beetroot. Sowings of peas from the other week are starting to show. Sowings of carrots, I’m sure I spotted two tiny seedlings, hoping for more over the coming days

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