Potatoes in the garden

I don’t know if we will get a good harvest as we put filled the potato buckets with coir compost which is cheap, fun when adding the water and watching it expand, but potentially pretty useless as a compost with any goodness in it. We put the potatoes in quite late so they are still pretty small but have grown enough to fill the pots up to the top. Amazingly, having covered the plants, the next day they were starting to show once again, so for now they are pretty happy.

I also planted out some small sunflower seedlings in pots, and gave everything a good watering.

Most things have germinated in the garden now, with patchy row of carrots but a full row of beetroot. French and runner beans come up too.

I re-potted the courgettes, butternut squash and the kale seedlings. I sowed some more radish and lettuce, plus sowed purple sprouting.

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