A life with no Water

We shall all surely die, it hasn’t rained for years (or maybe just days/weeks) and the prospect of being away for a week meant a bit of prep work on watering before we left.   The tomatoes I rigged up two 2 litre bottles upside down and stuck into the soil and filled a couple of times and left with the bottles not completely empty.   In the morning, I gave the plot a good soaking with 100 refills of watering cans.    I decided this year the cherries in the garden would not be eaten by the birds while we were away, and so I picked most off and put them in the fridge for our return.

A week later and the tomatoes have loved all the water and showed no signs of wilting in the sun.  The pepper plants indoors were a bit sorry for no water, but a soaking on our return, the next day they were back to normal.

I was at the allotment at 8 in the morning and it was already pretty hot.   Nothing bad had happened on our week away, apart from some of the rocket going to seed.   Hoeing and watering, and chatting to the other plot holders.

The onions have stared to bend over, probably helped by the heat but also because it must be time they stared to do that, some of them look very large.   Everyone was saying their potatoes had not come to much and I was in agreement as I did not expect to find much from ours.   I forked up the first two plants and both had a good number of potatoes and so maybe they have not done too bad after all.   The strawberries seem to have finished, a couple have runners which I will keep an eye on and replant once they grow a bit more.

Today I picked:

  • broad beans
  • corgettes
  • raddishes
  • french beans
  • rocket
  • turnips
  • beetroot

I ate:

  • last lot of raspberries
  • baby carrots from thinning
  • black currants


Quite happy with the row of marigolds sowed from seed


Leeks and salsify looking ok. One pot of leeks left to re-plant, afterwhich we will be living off of leeks all winter


Tumbling Tom tomatoes looking like they have enjoyed all the water


and there are still loads left on the tree! Not allotment, but garden


Still pleased with this – now all dried


Small pickings


Early morning – and already pretty hot


That’s tea sorted


Rhubarb and cherry crumble…

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