Day of the carrots – and radish

We investigated the carrots last week, and they didn’t look too bad, today with picked a load more and each one came up as a perfect shaped carrot.  I’m quite pleased, note to self to grow a lot more next year – there is nothing like pulling up a carrot, cleaning it off a bit (wiping it on your trousers if no-one is watching) and eating it just seconds later.

Not much weeding or anything today as there were not a great deal in the beds needing any attention.  It was a short afternoon visit with the purpose of planting out the September sowed radish.   When we did this in August it took 1 week from sowing to planting out, and then 2-3 weeks to pulling up.   The shorter days are noticeable, this time it took 2 weeks from sowing to planting out, and so I expect it will be 3-4 weeks until we pull them up.  I planted them under fleece to keep them a bit warmer.

There were still two or three large beetroot in the ground and I decided to pull them all up and store at home instead of letting get any bigger.   We have another row of beetroot planted the other month we are too small to pull up just yet.

French beans are still giving a lot of beans with no real looking after them, in fact they all look like they are mostly finished and yet that is what I thought the other month too.

Today we took home:

  • carrots
  • french beans  – just when you thought no more, lots more pop up
  • runner beans – just a couple, that’s it I am sure for the year
  • beet leaf
  • broccoli – still lots appearing (third cuttings)
  • salad leaf
  • rocket
  • turnip (a small one, just checking progress)
  • peppers (at home)


Nicely, we used a lot of that in tonight’s tea…


been growing on the window at home all summer


September radish ready for planting out


chilling on the plot


leeks with salsify in the middle – ready for pulling next month?


Christmas potatoes – need to order fleece to cover this in the coming months


keeping an eye on things…


marigolds continue to give good flowers


rather hot afternoon brings out the rather fetching small watering can


small bits of weeding


radish – pre fleece


glad I bought a bag


old beetroot gone, leaving carrots and a row of baby beetroot


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