Indoor progress

Tomatoes and peppers by the window, turning our bedroom into a green house.  I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with peppers, I doubt we will get anything much from them  Tomatoes though I hope to put outside next month.

Courgettes seem so keen to grow, we have four of them with two planted on the plot and two still in pots at home.  A bit of wind/cold damage on these but they seem to have recovered.  I’m not too sure what to do with these two extras, it is not like I particularly like courgettes to eat.

Little sprout plants are still in pots and outside most of the time, when they get a bit bigger and I work out some netting idea so they don’t get eaten within seconds of putting on the plot.  I need to work out just where to put them too.

Leeks I thought were never going to do anything, but now I have pots of them at the allotment along with some straight in the ground in a row.  I also have two pots at home.   They are all very little and thin, I thought normally by now they would be ready to transplant, but they are not.  But there are lots of them, a year of leek and potato soup is planned….

This weekend we re-potted the peppers and I sowed some marigolds.   I put some kale seeds in a pot too.

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