Last mid week evening visit?

It’s dark in the evenings now which means our mid week evening visits have probably come to an end for 2018, we had one last visit this evening to hoe weeds and pick veg.  Quite a warm evening, but a very short one, by 19:30 it was getting dark.

Nothing planned this evening, just hoeing, checking on things, and seeing what we could bring back.   This included:

  • radish – seeds I sowed at the beginning of August have all mostly now been picked, all of them have done very well.  I think we have a couple left.  It was a “salad mix” it said on the packet, so interesting to find a couple of white ones.
  • broccoli – a couple of big heads and a load of small side shoots.  I think that might be it for now
  • rhubarb – we still have some at home, so we picked a bit more to give us enough to make a crumble
  • french beans – still one or two each time
  • kale
  • beet leaf
  • salad leaf and rocket


We didn’t pull up any more beetroot as we still have some at home, but I may have to pull it next week otherwise it will get too big.

The small cabbage plants have all grown and look better than last time.  The swede and turnips plants have really grown so much that you can no longer see the soil, they were only planted at the beginning of last month.

Last weekend we sowed one last batch of radish, maybe a bit of a bridge too far this late in the year, but we shall see.   Three days on and there are small signs of life.


Marigolds will return next year – maybe a bit less salad though


potatoes – before


potatoes – after, banked up


last evening visit of the year?  turnips and swedes 4 weeks on


cabbages – maybe planted out when the seedlings were still a bit too small but those that have survived will make it


is it a turnip? no, it’s a radish. 4 weeks from sowing to picking


sprouts spotted


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