Broad beans and radish

After sowing and putting outside undercover, one lot in the small plastic greenhouse and the other round the side of the house, today it was time to plant out the broad beans and the radish. Before that, digging out bindweed that has started to appear in places, getting to it before it takes over.

Onions planted last week have started to show signs of life, some on the edges I had to re-plant and all of them I pushed into the soil a bit more to make sure they were all set in the ground.

Eight clusters of radish, each containing three plants each, put into holes and covered with fleece. Six broad bean plants which join the existing overwintered plants which are all in flower.

Before I left I pulled up two more leeks for the week, a load of rhubarb and some chard which is left over (regrowing) from last year.

At home I repotted the chili plants. The ones in the front room window have grown very fast and are now in full size pots. The ones upstairs in the window and the ones outside in the plastic greenhouse are all still very small. Our front room is constantly hot and it shows it makes a huge difference (the bedroom while faces south is kept very cool).

Still to do at home is to sow some more radish and start them off before planting out in two or three weeks. The lettuce could probably have been planted out this week but I didn’t get round to it. Maybe we can start our midweek evening visits and do it then.

Taken home this week:

  • rhubarb – 565g = £3.89
  • leeks – 317g = 79p
  • chard – 127g = 40p

Spent this week:

  • nothing

This week’s total = £5.08

Running total for 2019 = £2.69

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