Hailstones and sun

I thought it wise to wait until the afternoon when it said it would stop looking so miserable outside and suddenly be sunny. It did seem to be a bit brighter and was certainly warm and sunny at the top of the hill on the plot… until I noticed the big black cloud coming over the top of the hill. There were a lot of new people on plots making it suddenly quite busy and crowed, as the heavy raindrops started everyone quickly left. I watched the hailstones hit the ground while I sheltered under the trees; it was back to normal by myself as it should be. The sky was blue and the sun hot.

The heavy rain and hailstones didn’t last long, I continued with weeding and tying up the broad beans. These looked ready for picking, slightly small but still fine for the first lot of broad beans of the year from those I planted back in October.

Along with these, we also had:

  • radish – last lot of the March sowing, possibly rather too large
  • rhubarb
  • broad beans
  • lettuce – picking the outside leaves and leaving to grow again

I wanted to protect the currant bushes somehow to stop the birds, so I did this by draping scaffold netting over the top. Hopefully this year we will get to pick some of the fruit for ourselves.

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