Sprouts and Wind…

While sunny, it was windy and the forecast was that it was going to get worse throughout the day. The fact that it was sunny was a bit of a bonus and with that I felt I should make the most of it. The left over job from before was to finish mulching the raspberries, I took up some more bags of manure and cardboard to complete the job.

I decided I wasn’t going to stay for long, too windy, blasts of rain, cold and very muddy. I need to get more manure for mulching the rest of the fruit bushes another time, apart from that it seemed silly to tidy bits up when the wind was trying its best to spread everything around the plot. Saying that, I did tidy up the strawberries and started cutting down the ivy and brambles coming in through the fence off of the field.

A bit disappointing to see the cabbage and the turnips, and the kale, had been attacked by some leaf munching creature which seems to have put an end to the cabbages and stripped most of the leafs off of the turnips. I decided it was probably time then to pull up the remaining turnips and see what becomes of the cabbage, which has until April time until it is ready.

The sprouts were looking quite bare of leafs and so I decided to pick the remaining sprouts off and pull them up. These have been pretty successful after a bad start and so I was happy to take the remaining sprouts off that I could and then putting the pulled up stalks to one side ready to be chopped up and put on the compost another time.

Harvest for today:

  • the rest of the turnips
  • the rest of the sprouts
  • a couple of leeks (still plenty in the ground)

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