Broad Beans Take Two

Sowed six direct in the ground and they all came up, unfortunately mice found them and nibbled off all but three. They were all under little bottle cloches and the little mice had managed to dig under these to get to the new bean plants. There was still time to replant, this time in pots under cover at home. Today I planted these out to join the now established ones remaining on the plot. I covered each with the bottle cloche once again and hopefully the mice will stay away for a bit this time.

Everything was too wet to do much else, so I picked some bits for tea and went home. I had planned to get a load of mushroom compost from the local nursery but firstly they only had three bags (which I had) and secondly they had increased their price from £1.50 to £2 a bag which suddenly seemed a lot more expensive. It wasn’t clear if they had much more compost to sell in the future (there hasn’t been anyone around lately, I just leave the money) so I’ll see if I will have to find somewhere else.

I came home with:

  • leeks
  • sprouts

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