Larger Strawberries…

I had a bit of a list to work through, it was the first non-cold, non-raining morning for probably this year (or certainly the first time in a month or so). If only I had got to the plot early as the sun was coming up as I had planned, but it ended up a bit more of a lazy Sunday morning instead before I ventured out.

There was just one item on the list that I managed to do but it was a bit of a big one. I had wanted to tidy up the strawberry bed for a while, weed it, remove dead bits and generally make it look a bit more loved. I had also toyed with the idea of expanding it, making use of space current used to store bits and rubbish. Initially I had just placed two pallet collars at the end of the plot and filled them with compost, but by removing bits of redundant fencing last year the plot had grown internally and the space it freed up was worth using. We also had a great strawberry harvest last year and made some fantastic strawberry jam.

I kept the pallet collars to edge the bed but the aim will be to remove them at least on one side once everything has settled down. Edging on beds seems to have no purpose apart from allow slugs and snails to hide. The bed itself needs filling with compost and new strawberry plants, a job for another time. I’l be planting Cambridge strawberries.

Once back home, and before it started raining again…. I sowed seeds and put them under cover by the side of the house

  • leeks
  • radish
  • lettuce

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