Dark and wet days – moving rhubarb

We seem to take days off work over Christmas when it’s dark and wet and not much going on at the plot, not much going on in general really. Having sat indoors for a number of days looking out at the grim weather, I thought none of this was ever going to replant the rhubarb or continue getting rid of the fence, so I walked up to the plot.

It was dark and wet, but amazingly warm (constant 12c for the last couple of days). I had my best “muddy boots” on and gloves so I could get as muddy as I needed/wanted. There was a purpose, the rhubarb did need moving and now would a good time to do it. We have three rhubarb plants, all discovered at different times. I discovered this last one when I moved the gooseberry bushes last year and out of their shadows it did quite well. Unfortunately it meant it over shadowed over plants in the now clear bed and so today I moved it to the new bit of ground where I have removed the old wire fence and planted the blackberry. I dug a big whole, put in some blood, fish and bone and put it in with just the top of the crown showing. While I was at it, I cleared more of the old wire fence the weeds and put in a temporary edging using a bit of old decking. I expect it will now stay there. This makes the plot a couple of feet longer, I’m sure no-one will mind (I bet you if they knew… they would). All that’s left to do is to remove the last bit of old fence, put in a second post, and put wires between them for the blackberry to go along.

While I was there, I picked a swede and some sprouts. I took of the dying leaves from them both too and added to the compost. I tidied up the turnips and wished they tasted better than they do as for a plant, they are very easy and pleasing to grow.

I finished by debating in my head if I should ditch the “poorly poo” colour of the wood paint I have (it was cheap, bought in error and needed using up) and spend some money on something a bit darker… I think I will.

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