Lots of jobs done

Bank holiday weather turned out to be grey cloudy and not that inviting. I wanted to go up to the plot early but in the end I stayed in bed for a bit longer. Not quite a late summer day spent on the plot, but it was warm.

The courgettes and other squash plants had died back quite a bit, possibly partly due to lack of rain. It has rained so much this year that I had got out of the habit of seeing if things needed watering every other day and it seems they probably did. I cut off of the dying leaves and gave them a good watering, picking numerous courgettes and cucumbers along the way.

It doesn’t look like our celeriac is going to be anything fantastic this year, again. We did so well our first year but every since have failed to get them to bulb up nicely. Unlike the carrots, I pulled a couple for tea later on and they are a decent size.

I weeded around the sprouts and staked them up. Even though these were really well spaced out when I planted them, they seem pretty crowded now. By staking them up it will hopefully mean they will grow upwards and not along the ground getting in the way of each other. I weeded the swede and the purple sprouting too. Both these could do with the netting being raised up a bit, I’ll do that next week.

I did a light pruning of the gooseberry bushes, and picked off any of the dud looking leaves on the chard. I cut a cabbage.

Last visit I had done a bit on the second bit of “fence” but not finished it off, so I did that today and gave it all a paint of some really cheap wood preserver that I picked up years ago and hated the quality and the colour. I doubt it will preserve anything. I hope the colour will settle down over time. The main thing is, I’m not wasting money that I spent on it, it is finally getting used.

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