Strawberries and fence

A surprise sunny afternoon, I spent it putting up the next bit of ‘fence’ and continuing to tidy and thin out the strawberries. First I did hoeing and weeding, plus fixing the netting over the sprouts putting in some cross poles to help it keep upright against the wind.

I built a small bit of decking fence up to a post that was not rotten and so I decided to keep it in and cut the decking to size to fit – just one plank high as a bit of a “step over gateway”. I painted it with the horrid bright orange wood preserve that was too hideous for the garden and I’m not sure it’s much better at the plot. One of the side affects of doing this is that I can sort out the overgrown and hard to walk along path. The more I do, the more this becomes accessible once again.

The rest of the time was spent thinning out the strawberries, potting up some runners. I’ve got quarter of the bed done, so far I haven’t got rid of too many plants as most of it seems to be runners that I can pull out. The whole bed will move slightly, but that’s for another time.

I bought home:

  • a couple of rather nice looking carrots
  • kale
  • chard

At home, I sowed some onion seed, all a bit late in the year so I’ll see how it goes. These are indoors on the window sill until they grow a bit and hopefully in a month put them outside.

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