The night of the netting

The fruit cage was never destined to be covered in bright blue scaffold netting, I was waiting for netting more suited for keeping birds out, and one that was not bright blue. It arrived, along with a cheap and nasty looking staple gun that looked like it probably would not last the night (it didn’t). Even though the netting seemed to snag on the smallest thing and get really tangled, I was surprised how easy it all started, covering the top and two sides in one go. I ran into tangle problems doing the sides, but got through it. The result is quite nice, you can’t really tell there is netting as it is so fine from the distance. That is the cage finished, I just need to move in to the two bushes that are just outside of it. I’ll do that in the winter.

It was getting quite late, and a bit dark, but I had enough time to slide in the planks of decking for the front of the compost. Having pulled up loads of wooden decking that was in the garden, we have loads of waiting to be used for something new, and this was a perfect match for a bit of it.

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