Turnip Time

I had to go up to the plot the next day to remind myself what I had done the day before, not a great deal it seemed but I spent a long time doing it. One of the more productive bits was planting out the turnip seedlings and give them a good watering, we were expecting two or three days of hot weather.

I noticed that I really should be renetting the purple sprouting and the swede but didn’t do anything about it. That’s why I went back the next day to finish I job I never started, the plants thanked me for it too.

The plot is looking like summer has come to an end, the squash plants looking exhausted and I doubt they will give much more. The sprout plants are looking good.

I pulled some carrots, all a bit on the small side. I need to thin them out much more next time. Lots of weeding, and quite a bit of watering, in fact the first time this year I have had to do a lot of watering.

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