Potatoes all in…

An early morning start at the plot, and why not with the good Easter weather we were having. The sun had not yet cleared the trees when I arrived which made it cool and pleasant. I was pleased to see the tops of potatoes starting to show from the ones I planted a couple of weeks ago. This morning I wanted to plant out the remaining potatoes, three rows of “British Queen”. I’m not sure why I choose these at the time, especially as it says they are very prone to blight, but avoid it because they flower early. Let’s hope so.

With the good weather the weeds had grown back, mostly the bind weed. I spent quite some time digging this out. I hoed around the onions and I tidied the strawberry bed.

Once the sun had got over the trees and was fully on the plot, the was starting to get a bit too hot. Before I returned home in time for breakfast, I took with me:

  • rhubarb
  • purple sprouting
  • leeks

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