Clearing up leaves

The last time I was at the plot, there were leaves on the trees and everything was looking very much like Autumn. After many weekends of wind and rain we finally had a sunny and frosty morning, the first frost of the year. Out of the sun it was cold, but in the sun it was warm enough, this has been the first time this winter we have had low temperatures. The landscape had changed since last time, now with the winter view into the field the other side of the fence and the millions of dog walkers following each other all going the same way round the edge of the field. Normally you only hear them, with the winter undergrowth all died back you can now see them too, they can see you, you could have a conversation.

On the plot everything was covered in leaves and I mostly spent my time tidying everything up, raking the leaves off and putting on the compost. We had had some pretty bad weather and so I was pleased to see all the netting still in the right place. Apart from tidying there was not much else to do. I came home with:

  • turnips
  • swede
  • sprouts
  • leeks

I forgot to pick kale.

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