Digging up the paths

Not me, the local wildlife…. We get this every so often where upon arriving I find a lot of the woodchip paths dug up in places and sometimes so dug up that it hard to imagine there used to be paths. It is foxes I expect. This time it was dug up to the level of “I’m sure there were paths here before” and so it took quite a while filling holes and raking woodchip back to where it is meant to be. I collected some woodchip from the big pile on the site which still had a bit left, I also re-edged and weeded bits while I was at it.

It was pretty hot after all that (still over 20c and October), so a quick coffee break before weeding and tidying other bits up. The sprout plants are quite short but with sprouts that are ready (I picked some to bring home) and so I wonder if they are just a small variety. My main bit of work was to heighten the netting that is over the kale using one of the old pallet collars and putting the netting frame on top of that (like i did with the purple sprouting the week before). Unfortunately the pallet collar was quite rotten and fell apart in places but it was still fine for what I was using it for. I took the opportunity to weed around the kale and the swedes, also removing some of the lower leaves.

I came home with:

  • courgette
  • turnips
  • carrots
  • sprouts

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