Fire and Trees

Finally, I finish pruning/chopping the shrubs and trees in the garden for their yearly haircut. It seems to have taken weeks to get to the final and largest. All the bushes and trees needed a lot of cutting back, I also reduced the height by quite a bit too. This left a lot of cuttings which I spent ages shredding and adding to the compost at home and on the plot. There were quite a bit of larger cuttings that could not be shredded and so during an early morning visit to the plot I had a fire. This is normally once a year with me collecting old bits of wood and things and lighting it around about this time.

While I was there I did a lot of general tidying up, I also planted some more broadbeans. Normally the winter sown beans are growing quite well by March but this year, maybe because we had had a lot of frosting mornings, they are still tiny. Also, a lot did not germinate, which is not normal. I direct sowed some more, putting three beans in each hole hoping at least one of them will germinate.

At home I sowed various different lettuce and some onion seed.

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