Shredded bushes and raspberry supports

I’ve been recording outside temperatures for three years now (the computer does all the monitor, I just look at the graphs) and both January and February this year have been the coldest. We had frost this morning. Over the last two or three years It’s been quite unusual to get frost. This all meant I didn’t spend that long on the plot early this morning.

I took up a lot of shredings from pruning the bushes in the garden, this breaks down really quickly and makes good compost.

With the fruit bushes on the plot, one of the blackcurrants had died last year and so I dug it out and replaced it with a smaller one that has been slowly growing outside of the fruit netting waiting for this time.

I picked some sprouts.

I also put in place some posts by the new raspberry bed, I’ve had these for years and so finally good to actually use them. I’ve put some wires up and maybe this year the raspberries might grow in a bit more of a controlled way.

At home I transplanted leek plants that I sowed in January, putting them in toilet role tubes. I also transplanted chillies into their own small pots.

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