Compost bins

The TODO list grows each day.  I’ve taken the tip of “little and often” and so the only things we wanted to get through today were to measure the site (so we can work out how much area to cover) and to build new compost bins.

During the week we had managed to get hold of some pallets, we just had to get them into the back of the car.  This was a bit of a challenge, having owned such a long large car for so many years, a black hole that anything would fit in the back with ease, the Golf Estate seemed tiny.   So tiny it seemed that I needed to cut one of the pallets in half so that it would fit.

A small drive up to the allotment, and then driving back to pick up the tools that we had left at the house, we were all set, Tom included.

To make best use of the limited space of the half sized plot, I felt that the position of the current compost bins was a bit in the way.   We moved the tool box and positioned the new bins by the fence, pulling down most of the rotten old bins and moving the compost over.

We’ve learnt that the warmth of the sun disappears around 3.  We still had not measured the site which I wanted to do in order to know how much plastic sheeting to buy in order to cover it over for the winter.   We left the bins built (although always room for improvement) but the tool box still needs positioning on bricks and level and the old compost needs spreading.    We did some quick and rough measurements, packed rubbish cleared from the site into the car, stopped off at the dump, and then went home for a late bacon and egg sandwich.

A couple of tick boxes in the TODO list.   We ordered a roll of damp proof membrane off of Screwfix which we went to collect (so simple and easy from their website and picking up from their warehouse).   We ordered a ‘garden tool set’ off of Argos for collection tomorrow (four people and one spade doesn’t really work).


I ordered some garlic too.  I read that you plant it on the shortest day and harvest it on the longest day.



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