Eating French Beans

French Beans

We have taken a couple of pickings of our french beans this week.  We have grown runner beans for years but never french beans which is silly as we have missed out.  These beans are so much easier to prepare for cooking, no constant slicing with a bean slicer but instead just chop them up!   Plenty more beans growing, and plenty of seed for next year too.

Dwarf Bean Flower

While we are talking about beans, I spotted the purple flowers of the dwarf beans that are tucked away in a corner square and really in the wrong place.  These beans have had to put up with towering sweetcorn on one side, pumpkin on the other and a courgette plant in a pot next to it,  add to that the square is at the back and doesn’t get much direct sunlight.  I calculated that all wrong!  Even so, two plants have grown and although small they both have amazing purple flowers.  It makes our bean display go from white to red to purple.

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