Sweetcorn tassels, red tomatoes and turnip seedlings


The sweetcorn over the months has grown and grown and I was wondering if it was ever going to do anything but get taller each day  The other day I noticed tassles coming from the tops and gently knocking each corn I see small bits flying into the air which I suppose is the pollen, so I did that a bit with the hope that sweetcorn cobs may start to grow down inside the plant.   So far the sweetcorn has needed little attention.


Meanwhile the tomatoes have started to turn red.  These have not been a deep red but quite pale and pastel in colour.  I picked one to eat this morning and it did taste very nice and so I can’t wait to all the others change colour and are ready for picking.   I notice no new flowers appearing and if I do I will pinch them off so that the plants can continue on the fruit on the bush at the moment and not any new ones which I don’t suppose would have time to all ripen if they were allowed to continue flowering.


After a couple of days of rain and drizzle it was nice to see small parsnip seedlings appearing all over the place.  I did try to get just one or two seeds sown together each time but by the number of seedlings I clearly got a lot more in.    A came to take a look this morning and a cat had been and dug a load up which was rather disappointing.  Fortunately not much damage done, I managed to hopefully save the turnip seedlings that had been dug up and have since put something over the soil to stop the cat the next time.   This has been the first time a cat has damaged the beds.

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