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Another BBC Gardener’s World free offer here, one that I sent off for months and months ago and had forgot all about when they arrived.   I kept them watered and on the window sill for a couple of days until I was able to pot them outside.   They will stay like this for a some months in order to get a bigger rootball and be more suited for the outside.

These are, from left to right in the first photo (from right to left in the second!) – Caerulea, Constance Elliot, X Violacea.   Caerulea we have had before in our old garden and it comes and goes over the year.  The other two are no where near as hardy and so we shall see how they go.  It is suggested to put them in pots so that you can bring them indoors or a conservatory during the colder times, but really we don’t have room for any of that.   So in theory they should just die away in the winter and pop back up during the spring.  The biggest thing is to survive their first year and so I have put them under cloches (plastic bottles with the ends cut off!).

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