Bit down the Side – new plan

Ages ago I started to sort this bit of garden out, but never really finished it.  I suppose winter came and, being the ‘bit down the side’ it turned into a dark damp forgotton part fo garden.

Well thanks for Adur Council, it is time to revisit the plan again.  They have decided to give all house holds two wheely bins for our rubbish which means households throughout the area have to find places to put their new bins and of course, looking at bins all day is not that nice.

So the plan now is to house them down the ‘bit down the side’, and hide them (and the wormery) with a wooden wall and trellis, with evergreen climbers climbing up and making it all look pretty.

I started on this the other week, tidy everything up, fixing the garden gate, and getting things ready.   I now have put a long bit of wood deep into the ground which everything can fix on.  Let’s see how this plan goes, maybe it might go further than last years plan?

down the side - 2008

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