First Cut

It has been growing for some months now and it was the first time ever to cut it using a lawn mower.   The bloke next door suggested, as I was putting the seed down, that when I mow the lawn all I will do it rip out the grass and dig up the left over bits of shingle underneath.   Hopefully then he is now looking at what has been quite successfull.   The grass is in two main bits here.  The top bit which is very very patchy in places was sown in the autumn and it shows that maybe the soil I put down was not thick enough.  The green bit near the bottom I did in the spring with a good thick layer of top soil from someone’s garden, and it has done very well.

I did spend ages pondering about cutting or not as it is meant to have wild flower seed mixed in.  I could see one or two flowers, but the grass was looking a mess and the thought of trying to cut down very long grass sometime later did not please me.  Plus, it is always good to cut the new grass in order to get it going a bit more.   The patchy parts I will re-seed in the autumn.

first cut before first cut after

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