Grass Seed

After a chance post on freecycle for some top soil I managed to make contact with a friendly couple who lived just down the road.   A couple of hours of digging and bagging up soil (plus a good tea break in the middle) and we had a large mound of earth on the driveway.     I thought it would take ages to spread it over and was also not too sure if it would cover all that I would need.

On Saturday morning we had some spare time and so I thought I would get T&J to help with some of the spreading and of course keeping a keen eye out for wiggly worms for them too.   It then didn’t take anytime at all to spread it out, flattern it down, rack it a bit, and then sow wild flower and grass seed.   There was more than enough for a good layer  of earth and we managed to rake off a couple more bag full of shingle.  A lot of the rest we used to fill in a big dip that normally fills with water and floods during the winter.   The soil is no way flat, but it is good for our needs of a wild meadowy look and feel.

Now we wait….   It rained last night which was fantastic.

IMGP3795.JPG IMGP3806-ud.JPG

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