Second Wigwam

It was been quite a while since last post and that is mainly down to being out of the country and then various illnesses that have been going on.  But, things have been moving.  We had a long spell of sun followed by a long spell of rain (we seem to still be in that) which has been wonderfull for the garden and in particular the grass seed in the front.   It certainly looks like a lawn now thanks to warmth and sun and rain.

We put up the second wigwam the other weekend and planted two of the bean plants and the rest of the sweetpeas.  Some sweetpeas I have tied up against an old stump of a bush that has no branches or leaves, so will make a nice part instead of just a dead looking bush sticking out of the ground.   This second wigwam is green, I am not so sure I like it as much as the red one.


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