Worms keep chomping on the scraps

I am quite happy with how the worms are going.  They are on the second layer and are looking after themselves very well.

On the top layer I have a number of cardboard pieces to keep it dark, keep off the rain a bit, and to soak up any extra moisture.  It is a lot better, for me, than a standard moisture mat as I found the worms eat the mat too quickly.  Maybe that is showing a slight failing somewhere if the worms prefer my mat instead of the food.

I am putting in mostly vegitable peelings, tea/coffee, eggs, and things like that.  A lot of stuff from the garden went in at the beginning of the year and they have managed to chomp their way through that, but it did put it all out of action for adding new stuff for a number of months, so not a good idea really.    At least once a month I add a load of ripped up paper made up of various credit card bills and other confidential things.  These worms let no secrets go, so no identity theft going on here!


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