Bean Poles Erected!

Moved slightly along this year, still using the green and read poles from last.   Ihave not had much luck with beans so far this year.  Not many have actualy germinated which is a bummer as the seed may be last year’s that I am using but I expected to have a lot more success than what I am having.   I managed to get some plants off Freecycle but the slugs got to them a bit.  While they managed to survive they are looking like they have a fight on their hands to make it, not helped by the black fly that they seem to have already attracted.   Brushing them off and spraying with water and washing up liquid has had some results.

I have planted, again, with sweetpeas which are still the same seed that we collected from Sweetpea plants that we bought back from Cornwall a couple of years ago.   Last year they gave a load of purple and pink flowers and so I hope for more this year.  Success rate for germination of these old and well travelled seeds was 100%.

So come on runner beans, what’s up with you this year?!

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