New shoots at the nic of time!

I took some cuttings of some daisy type plants the other week.  Actually, less of a cutting and more of a pulling and ripping, I came with the roots too!   It looked like one of those plants that rooted well and everywhere going by the amount of plant available.  I popped the roots straight into the ground in the shallow pebbly bed along the side of the driveway.  I dug big holes and filled with compost first.

Other the weeks I have watched the stems go brown and die and I wonder if people in the houses wondered what I was up to, and I must admit I was going to give it just a couple more weeks until I pulled out all these now dead plants.  But… I happened to look a bit closer the other day and I started to see green shoots appearing at the bottom.  It does seem then that the roots have got themselves all sorted out and starting to send up new bits.  I am sure if this gets through the winter I will be pulling this stuff out in places as it takes over the bed!

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