Rain rain rain

Rain rain rain ....

It must be said that it has been raining since the 1st of November and it has not stopped inbetween. That of course is not totally correct, we have had snow, ice, and one or two days of no rain. I do believe that while some in the country were having their first white Christmas for some years, our Christmas day weather was a mild 10 degrees centegrade and sunny. On Boxing day, it started on the rain again.

The front garden then has remain mostly in it’s flooded state. When it stops raining the flood goes away, but when it starts it soon comes back. We are not yet at the stage of putting scaffolding planks up to the door for visitors to walk across. Nor are we at the stage where a couple of years back the water was well over the first step, T&J spent the after need in deep water playing with their giant bath rubber duck on our new "lake".

We are at the stage however of wishing for spring and something a bit more cheerful. Before then though, we have the nothingness that is January coming up…

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