September 2009

A bit of a tidy up and preparations for autumn and winter.  It seems all a bit early, but while the weather was warm and nice I spent some time tarting things up as well as planting some cuttings in the bed along the side of the driveway.

This little patch of new flower bed has surprised me over the year.   It has been a bit of a wasteland for the last years, originally a pebbled area and since then overgrown with grass and weeds.   I cleared it all off and sowed some wild flower seed and they seemed to take.  What is more,  there has been no major weed problem either.   This then is just the start, I have the rest of the side of the driveway to clear off next, it is a long job.  Plenty of pebbles and roots from weeds.

The back garden has been left mostly for yet another year, maybe next year we will finally get round to sorting it out.  Mind you, it has been used a great deal by the chilldren, so I am happy that while at the moment it is not quite as I would like, it is ideal for Tom and Jack.

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