Sunflowers of all types

While the tomato plants are doing really well, the giant sunflowers and sweet peas have yet to show.   I am wondering if we will ever see anything of these, it was old seed I used (I mean around 5 years old) and so possibly it was not a good idea.   Time will tell, and stil time to do something about it in a couple of weeks if there is still no show.

In the mean time, I managed to get a number of wooden seed trays off Freecycle which was rather handy.  In the tray pictured here we have a mixture.  You can just see the loo roles for running beans.  The plastic pots have mostly Echinacea and they have yet to show, these are a mixture of old seed and new.   I could have had sowed these straight outside but I like to keep them indoors in pots where I can keep a good eye on them.

The small cardboard pots we have a mixture of small sunflowers.   Velvet Queen, which should be small and dark red, and Pastiche which again should be small but this time light pastle colours.    These can go both in the front and the back garden.

I would like this year to be cone type flowers, anything with lots of petal and a daisy look and feel.    Possibly we shall directly sow some late sweet peas to go up the fence.

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