Sunflowers planted outside


It has all been very much hit and miss with sunflowers this year.   To start with, non of the giant sunflower seeds ever came to anything.  These were old seed from last year which I suppose would had been the problem but I would had expected at least some to germinate (but instead of not  thing).  Fortunatly last year’s giant sunflowers self seeded a bit and so we now have two “wild” sunflowers growing in the garden.

It was touch and go with the many smaller sunflowers sowed indoors and then seemed to get a bit light depraved and so started life as small poorly spindly looking things.  Not helped weeks afterwards (after I had moved them to a more suitable place indoors) of being knocked over and loosing one of two straight away and then a couple more over the next days when they did not suvive the truma!

The planting out then has been quite an acheivement then to actual suvive this far.   All plants are now in the garden with support sticks, all looking very small and vulnurable and so if either the cat or the slugs do anything to these I will not be happy!

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