The Cat Tries to Stop our Herb Progress!

Everything was looking good, you cannot quite see it here but all rows were showing seedlings.  Which means it was a bit of a disapointment when a couple of days later it looked like:

It seems that the cat thought that Jack’s seedlings looked like a nice place to dig!   A rather big setback so we went and bought some more seeds and sowed them again.  A bit of upset but Jack enjoyed re-sowing the seeds.   Quite happy at the result shown below:

All ready then for Jack’s re-sowed seeds to have another change of growing.  But by the afternoon, the cat had been back and this time the damage was worse:

So just hours later the cat had been back and this time not only had Jacks recently sowed seeds all gone, but half of Toms seedlings too.  Do you ever feel like giving up?   Fortunatly we had seeds left over to re-sow Toms side but not so for Jack.  So now on Jack’s side (the righthand side) we have parsley as before, and now lettace and raddishes.  The plan here is to pick the lettace and raddish leaves when they are very young in order to make a baby leaf salad when needed.   In oder to deter the cat I have now moved the grow bag nearer to the house in a position that is a lot less sunny (possibly a good thing in these really hot and sunny days) and they now get the sun in the late afternoon.   I have also added some sticks too, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the last of the cat trouble.

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