The Wild Sunflowers 2009!

Gardening can be fun but often is a lot of hard work, but all the hard work mostly pays off which gives you great satisfaction plus a great garden.   Wild flowers are even better as you get all the satisfaction and great garden but without a lot of the work.  I do admit, this is a very simplistic approach as a “wild” garden needs to be managed too.   But “wildness” at its best has been the sunflowers in the back garden this year which we have not planted, have not looked after in any way, and yet we have them wild from seed dropped last year and they are looking great this year.  Reminds of you the sunny days of summer (I did spot a couple such days!)

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2 thoughts on “The Wild Sunflowers 2009!

    1. yep – I tried to get multi-headed ones again this year, they just lasted for weeks and weeks! Instead, we have a mix of sizes and colours in the front garden

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