April 2010 Snapshot



We have started to make changes to the back garden with the square foot garden starting to take shape.  The old concrete has gone and the square foot garden is taking its place, as seen in other posts on this blog.   A bit of the flower bed has been used up and we still have a rose bush to move.  As it happens we have loads of rose bushes and they really do get on my nerves but this one is different as it has lots of little pink flowers on that stay together when there is a slight breeze.   So I will attempt to replant this elsewhere.  The lawn has its first cutting at the weekend and suddenly transformed the garden.



The front garden has its grass cut too with once again leaving the middle bit uncut and meadow like.  So much weeding is needed here, suddenly they just all appeared it is amazing.   There is no real plan for the front yet but I would like to have the normal sunflowers and more daisy like flowers I think.   The apple tree has buds and small leaves on and the gooseberries have plenty of leaf which I am determined this year will not be eaten by insects and other nasties.   The skip has now gone and did have the remains of the concrete in

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