Finaly we have Raspberries


For years I have wanted raspberries but never got round to sorting out ground to put them in. It has taken quite a bit of work over the last year to transform the small strip of “waste” along the side of the driveway into something useful. It was just large shingle which over the years had turned to weeds and long grass and looked more like a long forgotten verge on the side of the road. A bit of a waste and didn’t look too good either. I notice that a lot of people on our road no longer have this bit in their front gardens, most have replaced it with concrete for a bit of extra car space.

For us, it is now had bags and bags of stones removed, lots of weeds removed and all during late summer last year had some small wild flower seed scattered over which looked good. This year, I have purchased six raspberry canes, dug six large holes, filled with acidic compost and popped the canes in. I got these canes off a nursery on Ebay with the idea that it is three varieties that span the whole growing season. I forgot the names, although I do remember we have Autumn Bliss as one of them just as we did on the allotment years ago.

It will be interesting to see how they go over the next 12 months. We still have a tayberry bush and the rhubarb, and of course the wild strawberries which really should be replaced with normal ones

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