Green Shoots on Gooseberries


The two gooseberry bushes in the front garden have not had a good life so far, they seem to suffer from sawfly each year with them stripped within seconds it seems.   We kind of lost heart a bit with these and so they have been mostly neglected and lost in the summer flowers each year.   Last month I pruned both bushes which was a bit of a job with the many entangled spiky branches so I did as well as I could.

I want to keep an eye on these this year and the first sign of sawfly I will quickly run out and do something.  I’m not too sure what I will do yet, but I am determined to get these bushes back up and running.

Looking back at photos from last year it is clear to see that plants are taking a lot longer to get going this year after the hard and what seemed like long winter.  This time last year we had gooseberry bushes full of leave, this year we have the start of new shoots.

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