Square Foot Bed Two Mixed

Making Square Foot Bed 2

It was been mostly cold and wet these last days which has meant we had not been out to mix up the Mel’s Mix for the second square foot garden.   In the meantime we have planted 16 carrots in the first square foot bed and in a couple of weeks we will repeat that for a number of squares.

Tonight however, it was warm and sunny and being a Friday with no school the next day meant Tom and Jack could help once again.  They were more than happy to help and soon got stuck in.  I never did get an answer as to why Tom has soil all over his back!   Once again, this is Mel’s Mix of peat moss, vermiculite and two different types of compost.   A lot harder to mix up this time as the bed is smaller than the first one, but what seemed like a snowy landscape of vermiculite soon mixed up with the rest of the ingredients and now we have both beds ready to go.

At some time I will make proper screens to keep the cats off, at the moment it is metal grilling that you would used on a rabbit hutch.  Tom soon found out by accident when he tripped and caught himself on the edge of the netting just how much it can scratch and hurt.  Poor thing.   The idea I think will be to make a number of screens so that we can screen off sections or even down to the square foot level.

Making Square Foot Bed 2

Making Square Foot Bed 2

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